STF Construction is fundamentally interested in the health and safety of all personnel and affiliates. Reasonable effort is made to ensure that the health and safety of our workers, sub-contractors, visitors and the public is protected at all times. To honor this commitment we have developed, implemented and regularly evaluate our health and safety program to be as effective as possible.

Compliance with all Health and Safety Regulations/Acts and the procedures outlined in STF Construction’s Health and Safety Program are vital in ensuring our clients’ and company’s protection.

STF Construction gives our assurance that safety in the workplace will not be compromised. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to make the workplace a safe environment. STF has never suffered lost time due to a workplace injury.

Our company continues to seek new learning avenues to ensure our employees are up-to-date in their training and safety knowledge. We also encourage and support networking to allow our employees to learn from each other. The networking element assumes that the best expertise for preventing injuries in the Construction Industry comes from the industry itself with the assistance of the Construction Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO) and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB). Networking through the use of various communication tools, involves the inclusion of clients, contractors, employees, and sub-contractors, on an ongoing basis through direct and indirect contact.

The STF Health & Safety Policy applies to all management, supervisors, employees and sub-contractors employed by or contracted under STF Construction.